Lightworks Weight Mastery Program


If you are like the majority of my weight loss clients, you’ve already been on endless diets, tried all the pills and potions, and are still unhappy with your body. As you know, diets just don’t work. With hypnosis, you identify the root cause of your weight issue, can then work to eliminate it, and are able to get off the diet roller coaster. When you utilize the power of your subconscious during hypnosis things really begin to change in a very positive way.

Imagine yourself easily turning down sweets or other junk foods, and actually looking forward to a good work out at the gym. Many of my clients formerly obsessed with food remark that after my program the obsession disappears, and they only think about food when they are physically hungry. They begin to notice they are in control, not their old behaviors, and the unwanted pounds begin to melt away.  

My weight mastery program consists of four individual hypnotic sessions. The first session takes about an hour and a half, so that I have to time to ask questions that allow me to tailor the program to fit your individual needs. The following sessions are about a week apart and last about an hour.

Each session deals with a different aspect of conditioning your subconscious mind so you can easily get the weight off, and keep it off.  I also teach you how to create the internal motivation you need to get excellent results! By the time you complete this program you will be on your way to reaching your ideal weight and maintaining it forever! 

Most people lose a few pounds a week as they go through my program. I record the sessions for you, and recommend that you listen daily until you have reached your fitness goals. I do guarantee this program! If you complete it and then ever feel like you are struggling again, just give me a call and you can repeat as many sessions as you need to get back on track absolutely free!


“With weight loss the evidence is conclusive … hypnosis does help people reduce.”  

Smithsonian Magazine, March 1999

“Hypnosis can actually help you lose weight.”  

Oprah Magazine, August 2004