Lightworks Smoking Cessation Program

Have you attempted to quit smoking, struggled with the discomfort and cravings, only to cave in and start smoking again? If so, you are in good company. The scientific research on smoking cessation programs is pretty bleak. Only about 25% of people attempting to quit are still non-smokers one year later.  

And the statistics are about the same no matter which method people use. Whether you try the nicotine patch or gum, the pills or shots, behavioral modification, or even one session of hypnosis … statistically you only have a 25% chance of being a non smoker one year later.  

However, people who quit smoking with four or more sessions of hypnosis have much better success. In some research studies, over 85% of the participants are still non-smokers at the one year follow up!  

I have designed my smoking cessation program to give you the very best chance to be successful. My program consists of 4 individual hypnotic sessions. The first session takes about an hour and a half, and during the first part of that session, I ask many questions so I can tailor the program to meet your specific needs. The following sessions are about a week apart and last about an hour.

During the first two weeks, you begin to cut back on your smoking. I give you tips to help you eliminate the nicotine and other poisons from your body, and begin conditioning your subconscious mind allowing you to quit smoking with less discomfort. You smoke your last cigarette before the third session. The fourth session is designed to help you remain smoke free forever, and conditions your mind so you don’t pick up another bad habit … like overeating. 

I do guarantee this program. If you successfully complete the four sessions, and then ever start smoking again, all you have to do is give me a call and you can repeat as many sessions as you need to quit smoking again absolutely free.

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this self destructive habit!