What others are saying about Lightworks Transformational Hypnotherapy, LLC...

I’m still not smoking! It’s been over five years now. I couldn’t have done it without the hypnosis. Thanks!
— Lonnie M., Halstead, Kansas
I want to thank you for bringing back the joy in a sport that I dedicate my life to. I was in the worst slump of my bull riding career and found it was more frustration than fun. After one session with you I am riding more consistent and having more fun that I have had in my entire career. I plan on using your services as an important part of my training program towards success!
— Ricky R., Augusta, Kansas
I had been chewing on my cuticles for over 30 years and my fingers were so sore and often were even bleeding. No matter what I tried I just couldn’t quit doing it. After one session I no longer had any desire to bite my cuticles and my hands were completely healed within a week!
— Pam K., Wichita, Kansas
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all the work you did with me. I feel better than I ever have before. I have lost a total of 50 pounds and 30 inches! Thank you.
— Rebecca W., Wichita, Kansas
I started my new life in May, 2011. I have fought with weight issues most of my life. Anytime in my life when I have undergone stress, I have turned to food for comfort. With Debi’s support, I have been able to address issues that were deep rooted in my past. In turn, I now have a new approach to dealing with stress. Through our hypnosis session, I have also learned to rethink my attitude towards eating healthy and exercising. This is the end of September and I have lost 30 pounds and feel great! I can’t recommend Debi enough! Thank you!
— Kay W., Wichita, KS
Heh Debi, just wanted to update you on my progress. Still haven’t had a drink of alcohol, since April 2006. I’m so glad I could stay sober with just 4 sessions of hypnosis. It really helped take the edge off. Thanks again for all your help. I’ll keep you posted.
— Pam T., Wichita, Kansas
It worked! I haven’t gone back to smoking! There were a few times after my session when I had a thought about smoking, but I just started to think about something different. It was that easy! Thank you!
— Leslie C., Wellington, Kansas
Yay me! I just realized as of Monday it has been three years since I quit smoking!
— Karen M., Park City, Kansas
I’ve lost 36 pounds! People are actually gasping when they see me now. Thank you Debi... You’re the best!
— Michelle H., Wichita, Kansas
I wanted to call and let you know that the hypnosis worked! I got a lead part in the play! I was a little bit nervous before the audition, but nothing like before. Thank you so much!
— Jamie F., Wichita, Kansas
Debi, I’ve spent the last two years in a haze. I met you after a short visit to a local rehab. I told you about my experience there and what they told me about my chances without their program. Well, we proved them wrong. I really don’t know how to explain it, but I’ve had less than ten sessions with you and I’m actually getting back on my game, and I’ve had zero desire to drink, even through the holidays. Hopefully and thanks to you my life will keep getting better with each day. Thanks!
— Lonnie M., Wichita, Kansas