More about me...


Debi Johnson

Hello. Iā€™d like to tell you a little bit about myself. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Social Work from Wichita State University, and was an addictions counselor certified by The Kansas Association of Addiction Professionals for over 17 years.

I started my career as an alcohol and drug counselor, and worked for several years at an inpatient treatment facility in Wichita, Kansas. While there, I noticed a lack of counseling services for women which inspired me to create the first treatment program of its kind exclusively for women in my area. I owned and operated that program for over 14 years.  

The center I created always had a long waiting list for those wanting to enter. Many of my clients were able to stop using drugs and alcohol, but many more did not. I often wondered what I could do to improve the services that I provided, and always had a burning desire to learn how to be more useful to my clients. 
In 2002, I was introduced to hypnosis during a self-improvement seminar in Cancun, Mexico and soon after entered a two year intensive online hypnotherapy college. I began utilizing hypnosis with my clients and was impressed with the results. I successfully completed the clinical hypnotherapy college, and decided to  sell my rehab business. I then opened a hypnosis office, and have been in private practice since that time.   

In 2015, I became an apprentice of Joey Klein, and am so excited to share his mindfulness system of Conscious Transformation with my clients. This powerful method is a great complement to my hypnosis practice, and is very effective in teaching people how to uncover and release hidden patterns and beliefs stored in the unconscious mind that limit success. 

 I have happily spent the last several decades working with others, and have dedicated my life to helping people let go of limiting habits or beliefs so they can reach their true potential. The mind is amazing and once you learn how to tap into the unconscious and shift or upgrade the belief structures, habits or patterns located there, positive change is inevitable!