Conscious Transformation Mastery Courses

Conscious Transformation is a personal and professional development system that combines the ancient wisdom traditions of East and West with the latest science in genetics, psychology and brain function.  This dynamic system transforms limitations, creating the potential to live with passion and fulfillment. 

As an apprentice for Conscious Transformation, Debi is currently offering private training sessions for the Transformation Series.  Each course detailed below includes a CD set  (or MP3 recordings) of the teachings and meditations, and 7 personal training sessions where you will be guided through the teachings and meditations, and assisted to develop your own mindfulness practice. The cost is $298.

Mental Mastery

Develop a Peaceful Mind

  • Quiet mental chatter and reduce stress
  • Direct and focus your mind
  • Create and manifest your vision of life

Emotional Mastery

Define Your Emotional Experience

  • Learn how to stay centered rather than react emotionally to others
  • Shift an emotion in seconds
  • Define and embody states of peace, joy and love

Physical Mastery

Create Optimal Health and Well-Being

  • Manifest optimal health and vitality from the inside out
  • Shift out of destructive habits and addictions
  • Create awareness of the body's system of communicating

Spiritual Mastery

Live From a Place of Fulfillment and Peace

  • Access the power of your intuition
  • Awaken to your full potential
  • Connect with an endless source of love and freedom